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2011-04-18 02:17 pm

Scary bunnies

Is this a US or British thing, getting your poor little kid photographed with the Easter Bunny? I've never seen this in an Australian mall.

sketchy bunnies - Childhood Nightmare Inducing Moments
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2011-04-08 04:47 pm

Cute Vampires

Hey, at least they don't sparkle!

crazy shoes - vampires - flats - Vampires: (Literally) Misunderstood?
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2009-05-27 10:57 am


Exactly what the heck is Live Journal playing at? I tried to get on today and I got a huge delay (I'm on dial-up) and next thing the screen had been hijacked by some exciting news that I could share my content with third-party providers. I said no.

I then tried to read my friends' pages. Same deal. This has taken me 10 minutes so far.

And even though I said 'no' on both occasions, I still have the opt-in showing at the bottom if I have a public post. Great. Cos if I have any great ideas, I am soooooo sharing them FOR FREE. (Emphasis on IF. LOL!)
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2009-05-04 12:46 pm


Yes, I'm kitzen-kat on live journal.